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Certified biblical counselor

Debbie retired from a teaching career in 2019 and became a biblical counselor through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors ( Debbie believes that God’s Word holds all the answers to life’s problems and issues. Her desire is to share God’s Word and help counselees have victory over depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and a host of problems facing people today. She offers this service free of charge for the Lord’s glory. Debbie is also ready to share her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to explain salvation through faith in Christ to anyone who asks the reason for her hope. You may contact Debbie through this website or by texting: 716-397-4880.

​Ask Debbie about her latest vacation! Her three must-haves on a desert island are a daily piece of chocolate, comfortable hiking shoes, and freshwater with lemon.


Debbie's favorite Bible character is Deborah, Rebekah’s nurse because God makes note of her in His Word. The Bible says she was buried below Bethel (House of God) under the terebinth tree (oak of weeping). Deborah must have served well, and she must have been well-loved by those she served. "I admire that!" Genesis 35:38, also Gen. 24:59.

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