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Guest Services Leader

Kathy is also a fan of broken things- furniture, pets, and people! Her long term goal is to have a small animal rescue farm, providing a loving home and quality end-of-life care for as many as she can. Rescuing and caring for God's creatures, is like our relationship with God. We believers are sometimes placed into dire circumstances, some even been the architect of said circumstances. But God is our Redeemed. Our Waymaker. Promisekeeper. He is our rescuer, our caretaker. Always.

Her favorite hobbies include walking, reading, cooking, and event planning. Kathy’s favorite book of the Bible is the book of John. Because John 3:16 speaks the simplest of truths, yet the dimensions of that expression of perfect love are still demonstrated in amazing ways. My daily life is spent in awe of it, and profound gratitude for it.

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